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What’s hot on restaurant menus

Avocado is the ingredient of the year, food trend expert Nancy Kruse declared in her annual State of the Plate address at MUFSO. In a recent article from Nation’s Restaurant News, written by Bret Thorn, upcoming trends are discussed as highlighted at the 2013 MUFSO Supershow.

Kruse said Avocado, which is appearing in [...]

MenuMax Partners with Essential Cloud

MenuMax is excited to announce its latest partnership with Essential Cloud! Essential Cloud offers restaurant owners a selection of proven apps, cloud technologies, and managed services designed specifically for the food service industry and targeted to attract and retain customers and improve customer experience and efficiency.

MenuMax is being offered in the bundle [...]

NRA Attendees Agree: Restaurants Need More Technology

Demonstrating MenuMax to a restaurant owner

As this article from The Dallas Morning News reminds us, the restaurant industry has been relatively slow to adopt new technologies into its established work flow. At a time when the “overbuilt” industry is failing to attract young talent at a sustainable rate, analysts suggest technology [...]