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Your Restaurant and the Affordable Care Act

BY SABRINA SANCHEZ for Restaurant Magazine

Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, employers have slowly seen the impacts of this new healthcare mandate. Initially, many were concerned with the impacts on healthcare and insurance industries, but those working in the restaurant industry may only now be feeling its full [...]

How to hook top talent

View original article from National Restaurant Association.

Reel in good talent from the labor pool with these steps:

1. Identify what’s a “good catch.” Start by determining what skills and traits are essential. If your restaurant has a set of core values or a mission statement, use that to guide you. [...]

Culinary careers go way beyond the restaurant

As culinary career options expand beyond the traditional restaurant work, culinary schools across the U.S. have enjoyed sharp spikes in enrollment over the past year. While schools typically benefit from economic downturns, the culinary phenomenon can also be attributed to a vast expansion of options made recently available. The book “Food Jobs: 150 [...]