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Health and Budget Concerns to Drive Food Trends in 2011

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

As we are all aware, consumers are becoming more selective on how they spend their hard earned dollars. A recent article published at Restaurant News Resource gives insight on what consumers are looking for when choosing where to spend their money. According to Don Montuori, publisher at Packaged Facts, a market research company, “consumers are growing evermore weary of economic and nutritional health gloom and doom. Many have spent the last few years reinventing their financial and employment lives, and are now starting to focus more emphasis on their overall wellbeing and happiness in a way that is reflective of their values, being more pragmatic and deliberate in making decisions about how to spend both their time and their resources”.

In order to entice consumers it is important for those in the foodservice industry to consider their customers desires, and modify business accordingly. Packaged Facts has identified some of the key trends they believe will influence consumers in their Flavor and Ingredients Outlook for 2011. Those trends are…

• Flavors From Around the Globe
• Sustainability Trumps Local, Organic and Natural
• Wellness Overhaul
• Plethora of Produce
• Flavor & Ingredient Crossovers
• Satisfying Sweets

According to this outlook, consumers will be driven by a focus on a more holistic lifestyle that promotes locally grown organic products, along with a new willingness to try exotic flavors and unconventional ingredient pairings. Change can be exhilarating, and if businesses are willing to embrace change and adapt to consumer demands it can be a win- win situation for all.

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