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Technology Creates Operational Efficiency for the Foodservice Industry

By Nicole Reed Communications Manager MenuMax

In today’s recession bruised world the foodservice industry is making changes to improve daily business. In an article on, public relations pro Dana Zemack talks about how those in the restaurant industry are using technology to change their businesses. According to Zemack “restaurateurs, café owners, food personalities, and others who make it their business to be foodies have a mammoth operational task to manage each and every day.” She goes on to describe five ways technology is helping the foodservice sector.

1. Communicating with staff
2. Making menus interactive
3. Buying ingredients locally
4. Managing payments
5. Managing recipes

Today, we are going to focus on recipe management. The modern chef keeps a sizeable collection of recipes in rotation to entice his hungry patrons. Each chef has his or her own way of organizing those recipes. Some choose to keep them in file folders and three ring binders, while others keep them locked away in their head. Still, the most discerning chefs have turned to technology to help them efficiently organize their collections.

Everyday new applications are springing up that turn long arduous operational chores into miniscule tasks. Now, with the touch of a button chefs can organize their recipes, create menus, calculate food costing, as well as nutritional analysis all from their cell phones or computers. By amassing all of these functions into one application chefs can make effective and efficient business decisions and spend more of their time in the kitchen cooking.

Here at MenuMax we believe that technology is the key to efficient business. We have created easy to use tools that revolutionize operations for the foodservice industry. Our unique Web-based application can be accessed from anywhere, and for less than $1 a day allows users to obtain detailed nutritional information based on recipes, organize and plan menus, and calculate food costing. Due to the ever-changing economy it is important for those in the foodservice industry to stay on top of all features of business. By utilizing technology, and the applications available, chefs can gain operational efficiency and maximize profit margins.


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