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Crafting a Well Portioned Plate

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

The Food pyramid that once symbolized a well-balanced American diet has crumbled and in its place the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled its new plate icon. The icon, divided into four sections made up of fruit, vegetables, protein, and grains with a dairy cup beside it, is meant to help American’s construct a well-portioned meal. According to Reuters the icon, which “accompanies dietary guidelines released in January and a push by first lady Michelle Obama to tackle obesity, will be taught in schools and used as part of federal foods programs and by doctors and nurses”.

So why am I talking about the new icon? Restaurants must be ready to change and adapt to the environment and events happening around them.  The release of this new icon represents another step towards altering the American psyche about food.

We have seen that eating healthy has become a growing trend amongst consumers and restaurants have responded by adding healthy options to their menus. With each new announcement it is clear that the government will continue to push a healthy lifestyle message to Americans, and because of this restaurant operators should consider adding to their menus additional healthy items. Healthy, well-portioned meals in accordance with the new dietary icon will place your restaurant at the forefront of the healthy dining scene.

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