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Know Your Food Costs

Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax 

In a recent article on a MillerPulse survey, which tracks operator sales and sentiment, showed “an increase in guest traffic for all segments and dayparts in April, but hinted at reduced consumer spending as more value-focused purchases led to an average check decline.” With food costs and inflation still climbing and customers spending less, restaurant operators must routinely check their menus to ensure they are appealing to customer’s desires as well as keeping profitable.

One of the greatest weapons against profit loss is to know your food costs. Getting rid of unprofitable dishes is the first step towards keeping your profits up even when consumer spending isn’t at its best. There are tools available that can calculate your food costs for item on your menu. For example, MenuMax will match the ingredients in your recipes to the items in your order guides and calculate the food cost for that dish, down to the penny. Knowing the exact cost of an item will let you analyze the inflation cost, set a price that meets margins and satisfies customers.

Check out for all your food costing needs.

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