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This tool can help shave off calories in your recipes without compromising taste and flavor

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

As the saying goes, time is money. So when it comes to revamping your inventory with better-for-you foods, keeping up with the caloric and nutritional content of ingredients is typically not a top priority. This is understandable given that there are hundreds of new products flooding the market on a regular basis. There is simply not enough time to keep up with it all.

So unless your purveyor is well-educated on the subject of health and nutrition, you are on your own as far as finding products that will help you build healthier versions of your favorite recipes.

The good news is MenuMax’s application can do the research for you. How you ask?  By providing you with lists of ingredient options you can use as lower-calorie, lower-sodium, lower-fat, gluten-free, etc. alternatives. (By the way, this is not another crude sales pitch. I don’t get commissions on sales – I simply believe in the quality of the product).

Let’s take cheese, for example. We all know cheese contains fat and is generally high in calories. Before the menu labeling law, no one knew their club sandwich had 1,200 calories and they really didn’t care all that much. Now the tables have turned. Once customers find out they are eating more than half of their daily recommended intake in one sitting, some of them might not return.

One of the ways for your club sandwich to survive the menu labeling storm is to get a caloric trim. And while you know cheese is one of the ingredients that makes the sandwich taste so heavenly, you might want to look into alternative varieties that are lower in fat, and hence, in calories. (Cheese, by the way, is not the only villain. You will need to consider the caloric content of the remaining ingredients to make it work).

And here is where the magic occurs: as you map your nutritional information for the club sandwich recipe, MenuMax presents you with dozens and dozens of cheese brands, varieties, and information on calorie & fat content. All of a sudden, you know three things for certain:

1. Brand X has fewer calories from fat per serving than Brand Y (the one you’ve been using)
2. Brand X has similar taste as Brand Y
3. Brand X is priced comparably to Brand Y

With a click of a button, you have yourself a winner: Brand X!

Time and dollars saved, and your club sandwich can now continue to delight your customers.

Aside from being a fabulous tool for recipe storage, nutritional analysis, and menu costing, MenuMax is a tremendous resource when it comes to product selection. Check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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