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September=National Food Safety Education Month

September is National Food Safety Education month. Though safe food practices should be top of mind for restaurant operators every day of the year, this month long campaign is meant to encourage operators to “demonstrate their dedication to food safety”.

This years campaign is titled, “Lessons Learned from the Health Inspection”, and is put on by the National Restaurant Association. Since restaurants employ nearly 13 million employees, it is imperative that all are routinely education on the importance of food safety.

Throughout the month, weekly education session’s focus on educating operators and their employees. Topics to be covered include, safe food handling practices, equipment safety, and proper sanitizing processes, just to name a few. The NRA encourages operators to visit to download free training materials.

Not only is the safety of your patrons of utmost importance, so is the safety and health of your business. One way to ensure your restaurant’s health is to have an organized back of house. At MenuMax our goal is to maximize your efficiency and profit margins to ensure your businesses survival.

For more information about how you can organize your restaurant’s back of house visit us online.

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