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Powerful Tools to Manage Your Restaurant

MenuMax offers a comprehensive solution for food service professionals enabling the organization and optimization of recipe managment, food cost, nutrition analysis and inventory managment. However, many users overlook the many report functions MenuMax offers.

Included in a MenuMax subscription is a simple-to-use worksheet that helps create budgets and income statements for your operation. When you enter prior-year sales, it helps you project anticipated revenue for the upcoming months. A revenue calculator allows you to predict monthly revenue based on a per-check average and compare your projected and actual annual operating budgets. In addition, MenuMax provides you with a profit analyzer that maps the average guest revenue needed to break even and meet expected profit status.

MenuMax also offers helpful tools for sales forecasting, managing the annual budget, analyzing profit and keeping track of utilities, cleaning, promotions, supplies and more via monthly breakdowns designed to help you successfully manage your back-of-house operations.

Our Menu Engineering Worksheet application allows you to enter in the number of items sold, and then sorts the results enabling you to view the popularity of the item, the sale price, item profit, in additional to total revenue, cost and profit to help improve your menu, allowing you to identify and remove any failing items.

MenuMax also enables you to run nutrition reports, displaying calories, cholesterol, fiber, iron, protein, fat, sugar, sodium, carbs, and vitamin C for each menu item based on 27,000 ingredients integrated from the ESHA Nutrient Database to ensure accurate nutrition analysis utilizing an FDA approved method. This functionality also allows you to export the information in an easy to read, universal PDF format that can be implemented into other applications to help simply your operations.

To learn more about the functionality of MenuMax visit our website If you are interested in accessing these useful features, visit our YouTube account to review video tutorials that show you how to take advantage of MenuMax’s full range of tools.

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