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Last Minute Easter Ideas for Restaurants

One of the busiest weekends for restaurants is rapidly approaching – are you prepared? In this article from The Central Blog, written by Emily Rollins, learn about how you can make the most of Easter this year.

Easter brunch is an extremely popular option for families not wanting to cook a meal themselves, so line up your knives and polish your glassware to be prepared for a profitable weekend!

Menu Ideas
First things first – what food will you serve? Guests will typically come wanting their classic favorites such as ham, green beans, potatoes and more, but it’s also smart to try to incorporate some new ideas. This can be an exciting time to test the waters with new menu options because your restaurant will be so packed. You can find a wide variety of new Easter recipes on our Pinterest board.

Décor Ideas

Now that the food is covered, think about the ways you can decorate to really make it feel like an Easter gathering. Easter has a different meaning to certain people, so stick with basic decorations such as eggs and baskets filled with candy or flowers. Colorful spring flowers will add a welcome pop of color to each table, and eggs and candy will appeal to your younger customers. You could have an egg-decorating event at your restaurant too and use those eggs as decorations. Place Easter-themed wreaths on your entrance doors to give off the holiday feel as soon as your guests walk in. If your customers have made reservations with names, you can print off special menus with their names printed on them and a holiday greeting to make customers feel extra special. If you don’t feel like printing off a bunch of new menus, you can print off festive name tags on colored paper for each table.

If you’re lucky to have a large amount of outdoor (or indoor) space, hold an Easter egg hunt for your young customers. Not only can everyone can partake in this family-friendly activity, it promotes your restaurant’s name as a possible spot to each brunch and have fun at the same time. Speaking of the little ones, have some coloring pages available that can preoccupy kids’ time. You can even use their artwork as decorations once they’re done! Even better, surprise your young customers with a visit from the Easter bunny himself, giving out candy or treats! Who says Easter is just for the children? Give out eggs filled with coupons or a discount off of your next meal for your adult customers. This allows for a lasting impression with your guests and a chance for them to visit your restaurant again.

It’s crunch time when it comes to Easter gatherings, but there will always customers looking for great options at the last minute. The fastest way to get your word out there is to post on social media outlets and your website. You can update your cover photos and even post a preview of what the Easter menu will be. You can also post flyers up on community bulletin boards, around grocery stores and more. Last but certainly not least, have your servers remind customers about your Easter services. If you know your menu ahead of time, tell them and have them share what delicious offerings will be served. Promoting a Easter weekend service is great advertising for your restaurant. New customers can venture out and see what you have to offer, while returning ones will have another reason to keep coming back.

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