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How do Restaurants Comply with Menu-Labeling Laws?

U.S. Menu-labeling laws as of Feb. 2010

U.S. Menu-labeling laws as of Feb. 2010

As this map from Feb. 2010 shows, several U.S. cities, counties and states have already passed menu-labeling laws, and Section 2572 of the U.S. health care reform package creates such guidelines for the entire country. Proponents of the legislation say that people might not order as much unhealthy food if they clearly see the nutritional cost alongside the monetary cost on restaurant menus. The new laws would apply only to restaurant chains with more than 20 units, but independent operators wonder whether it’s only a matter of time before they too are required to display nutrition content for their recipes.

The next question on every operator’s mind is: How much will nutrition analysis cost?

The answer to that question can vary widely depending on the service one chooses. We at MenuMax recently spoke to a multi-unit operator based in California who said he paid $75,000 to have his recipes’ nutrition analyzed. Other services, such as MenuCalc, offer a monthly subscription starting at a base price of $49 per month.

MenuMax offers nutritional analysis of unlimited recipes for less than $1/day. (That’s a monthly price of $29.95 or a yearly subscription of $299.) Just register at and use promo code YUMM for a free 14-day trial. With nutrient data from the comprehensive ESHA nutrient database, MenuMax offers reliably accurate nutrition information for your menu. Try MenuMax free now with promo code YUMM.

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