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8 Promotion Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Profitable

In this article from, learn about some of the best ways to make this Mother’s Day profitable for your restaurant.

Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year with more than one quarter of American adults anticipated to celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out, according to the National Restaurant Association. As your restaurant starts planning, here are 8 winning promotion ideas that will make this special day a profitable one.

1. Get creative with pre-fixe menus:

Special pre-fixe menus are a great way to go on Mother’s Day. Offering pre-fixe menus during busy holidays is also a smart strategy for keeping the menu manageable and easier to serve guests during busy rushes. Get creative with your pre-fixe menus with signature food and wine pairings and special desserts that mom will love.

2. Turn Mother’s Day into an annual brunch event:

Mother’s Day is notorious for brunch. Make brunch stand out by offering only once a year on this special day. Give your customers an over-the-top brunch experience and turn it into an exclusive, annual event for your guests.

3. Offer Fair Prices:

With restaurants all over the nation competing for their share of the Mother’s Day profits, price point is important. Give your guests enticing reasons to choose your restaurant for Mother’s Day by offering comfortable prices.

4. Give moms a gift:

Make all of the moms feel great on their special day by giving them a small gift. Consider a fresh-cut rose upon being seated at their table or a personalized photo with frame of their day, taken by an on-site photographer. Always be sure to brand that personal item with your restaurant’s logo and name to reinforce future brand awareness.

5. Bring in live music:

Enhance your restaurant’s ambiance on Mother’s Day with a jazz guitarist, pianist or a small band. Encourage guests to put in their favorite requests. If you have a place for a dance floor, even better!

6. Be prepared to accommodate children and older adults with special needs:

Mother’s Day is a family event, so everyone in the family needs to feel comfortable. Offer an appealing kid’s menu, have entertainment for the kids and keep the noise levels at bay for older members of the family to make sure they are comfortable, too.

7. Add Mother’s Day décor touches:

Add appeal to your restaurant’s décor in celebration of Mother’s Day with floral elements, spring pastels and other décor choices that evoke Mother’s Day. One cost-effective idea is to turn small glasses into small vases with a single rose in the center.

8. Introduce a signature Mother’s Day cocktail:

There are so many fun ways to turn classic cocktails into signature drinks in honor of Mother’s Day that celebrate the seasonal fresh fruits of spring. Here are a few fun Mother’s Day cocktail ideas, courtesy of Punchbowl.

For more great Mother’s Day ideas including recipes, decor, specials and more, visit our Pinterest board.

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