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7 Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Promotion

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You don’t have to have a Mexican restaurant to want to capitalize on the fun of a Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It’s right around the corner so if you’d like to do a promotion, it’s time to start planning. Here are 7 things you can do to draw in customers and have your own Fifth of May party!

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1. Add some Mexican entreés to your menu. It doesn’t matter your concept, adding some tacos is easy — anything can be put into a taco shell. If you want to get more inventive, there are a million tastes from south of the border that are worth a try. Tortilla Soup, Red Rice, Chipotle Chicken or try Cochinita Pabil. If you don’t know much about Mexican cuisine, I recommend Rick Bayless’ Mexican Kitchen as a great place to start.

2. Create some specialty margaritas. Margaritas are one of the most popular cocktails in America…and Mexico. Think of the basic rita as a blank slate and be creative. What could you add? Any fruit works but what else? Cinnamon? Ginger? Try googling “Innovative Margarita Recipes”.

3. Bring in some Mexican beers. Mexico is famous for their beer. Ask your supplier what you can bring in on special. Some of the most readily available are Tecate, Sol, Carta Blanca, Dos Equis, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Negra Modelo, Corona, and Estrella.

4. Nothing says Cinco de Mayo the way live music does.

5. Whatever you do, you should start promoting now on social media. Let your fans know that you are doing something special for Cinco de Mayo. Consider getting them involved with surveys and contests.

6. Just because the name implies a one day affair, you don’t have to make it so. Cinco de Mayo can be celebrated all week long! This is an especially good idea if you live in one of the cities that has puts on a big celebration. Your customers may already have plans on the 5th but your party can be ready when they are.

7. Don’t stop with the food. Cinco de Mayo is a full-on cultural event. From costumes to folk dance to crafts, Mexican culture is full of great ideas for your event. What can you do to draw people in besides your great food and a drink special?

BONUS TIP: Come up with some Cinco de Mayo contest ideas: A great party needs some Mexican themed competition:

  • Best Guacamole Competition/Best Salsa Competition
  • How high can you stack tortilla chips?
  • Lip sync contest to Mexican music

Good luck with your Mexican celebration!

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