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How To Control Your Restaurant Bar’s Profit And Loss

There are many aspects to take into consideration when running a successful restaurant, and one of the biggest concerns is controlling cost. Being able to control your bar’s P & L – or profit and loss – could be a major factor to your bottom line. The National Restaurant Association reports that 75% of all inventory shrinkage happens as a result of theft. This leaves 25% shrinkage, which could potentially come from poor management in your bar. Over pouring, spills, giving away drinks, and wrong pricing could lead to loss of profit from the bar area. Here we take a look at ways to control your bar’s P & L in order to decrease the amount loss from these mistakes.

Portion Control

The quickest way to begin controlling loss profit from the bar is by putting set rules on portion control when making drinks. Make sure each drink has a laid out guideline as to how much goes into it, and enforcing this with your staff will ensure every drink is made the same.

Inventory Control

Having a good inventory system in place is another good way to control the bar area. Always knowing what you have on hand, and what you should have by the end of the day could point out potential theft. You should also keep track of spills and broken bottles, this way you can point out problem areas and find solutions for them before they cost you a lot more money.


Training your staff and bartenders is a good way to solve any issues before they begin. Communicating with them your concerns and the systems you want to have in place will reduce the amount being loss by a great deal. Showing them the importance of following these rules will also help your employees enforce them. Having a good manager oh hand to make sure the correct systems and practices are being executed will ensure more profit for your bottom line, and a smoother running bar.

POS System

A proper POS, or point of sale, could be the most important part of controlling the bar. A point of sale is a good way to keep track of drink sales and cash flow, and will ensure all the proper measures are being taken when serving. If used properly, you will be able to determine how much profit is being made and how much money is being lost at your bar. Following these guidelines can have a great deal of affect on your bottom line, which could make running your restaurant a lot smoother and more successful.

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