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6 Things You Never Knew Impacted Your Restaurant Order

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to deciding on your meal when you are dining out. Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab conducted a study on what factors play a role in your restaurant order. These 6 reasons will surprise you, and even make you wonder what other stimuli impact your dining experience.

Reason #1: Your Waiter’s BMI (body mass index)

  • Cornell researchers found that people were four times more likely to order dessert when their water had a high BMI.
  • Diners also drank more heavily when they had a waiter with a higher BMI– up to 17% more alcohol consumption.
  • How do scientists explain this? “Scientists say a heavier waiter might cause people to think ‘what the heck?’ and live it up.”

Reason #2: Your Dining Companions Weight

  • Being in the presence of someone who is overweight decreases the amount of food a regularly healthy person would order and increases unhealthy habits (while at the restaurant).

Reason #3: The Ambiance

  • A relaxed atmosphere makes you enjoy your dining experience more. Therefore, soft lighting, and relaxing music can convince diners that they are enjoying their food more than they actually thought.

Reason #4: The Names of Foods

  • People are much more likely to order descriptive menu items (i.e. “Succulent Italian Seafood Filet” vs. “Seafood Filet”).

Reason #5: The Order of a Buffet

  • The first foods in a buffet line are typically eaten the most and also influence the rest of your choices. The best place to start? The salad buffet.

Reason #6: Menu Specials

  • More people are likely to order a menu special/promotion because, simply, we are lazy when it comes to ordering.

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