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Offer hydrating menu options this summer

For restaurant guests looking to beat the summer heat, serve hydrating, stand-out specialties that can become your seasonal staples. Experiencing culinary brain freeze? Play with classic and complex flavor profiles and track what resonates most with your guests.

Here are a handful of ideas that can inspire your tastemakers:

  • Popsicles. Made with 100 percent fruit juice, water, fruit and even spices like ginger, popsicles can appeal to all age groups. Before freezing for a few hours, consider pouring your mixtures into uniquely-shaped molds to make your presentation even more appealing.
  • Shaved ice. For a light, scoopable dessert, pour juice over finely shaved ice. Select serving vessels – tall glasses, elegant bowls, portable cones – that fit the atmosphere of your restaurant.
  • Slushies. In a blender, incorporate ice, juice and fruit until the concoction is almost liquefied. Top off with a fruit skewer that complements the beverage’s flavor.
  • Infused waters. Slice fruit and submerge it in a large, covered vat of water. Place in the refrigerator and serve refreshingly cold. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2016 What’s Hot chefs’ survey, infused waters are a top 10 beverage trend.

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