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Menu Labeling Exemptions a Fast Food Loophole?

By: Mary Pennington, Communications Manager, MenuMax

In a recent article from we uncover an interesting dynamic between the ways restaurants are using menu labeling exceptions to their advantage, as an opportunity to save money, and build a unique marketing platform.

Dining establishments with limited time offer (LTO) items on the menu for less than 60 days within a calendar year, or those who test menu items on the menu for less than 90 days, are now exempt from providing nutritional information on their menu. While some restaurants are taking advantage of this loophole to increase LTO’s and save money on nutritional testing, many are going a step further and using this as a way to be ‘transparent’ to their customers, posting the nutrition data to say, “I have nothing to hide.”

Now one question that comes up is who has consumers’ best interest at heart? This could come down to giving the people what they want in high calorie foods while passing the litmus test and taking away the guilt of posting dietary information – adding a level of trust and loyalty with customers who appreciate the healthy transparency regardless of the law!

Many will argue to say that money, not the consumer’s best interest, is the issue. As stated in the article, Randy Schechter, managing partner of New York-based Energy Kitchen, estimated that it costs him $2,000 to $3,000 to send menu items to labs for nutritional testing and evaluation. However, to Randy and every other food service operator we introduce our solution:

With a subscription to MenuMax , you have unlimited access to the ESHA nutrient database at your fingertips. After a simple upload of your recipes, MenuMax automatically populates all of your nutrition information for every single recipe with the touch of a button, with no additional costs and no lab testing required. Not only will you have the information you need within seconds, but you are able to print out an actual nutrition label in three various formats based on your personal needs.

So whether we are in the business of saving money, making customers happy, keeping consumers healthy, or all three, MenuMax can ensure that your food costs remain as low as possible, nutritional data is accurately and easily available, and your time can be spent  creating great recipes and building your clientele.

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