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Skeptical about building a ‘healthy’ menu? Consider a different approach.

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

For years we have been told what ‘healthy’ eating means. The low fat, low calorie, low this, low that – unfortunately, this perception has become deeply rooted in our minds. It is no wonder that for chefs who have been trained to approach cooking as an art, the [...]

From ‘boring’ to ‘craveable’: creating nourishing recipes to delight your customers

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

“Delight your customers! Don’t kill them,” pleaded Chef Graham Kerr , the former producer and star of the Galloping Gourmet television show, when he spoke to the culinary students at the American Culinary Federation National Conference in August.

As I listened to the Chef Kerr’s passionate presentation, [...]

Top five skills every chef should hone

This blog post from The Arizona Republic shares insight from eight expert chefs about the most important kitchen skills any professional chef needs to master. While some are common to most lists (like knife skills), each chef has a unique take on what is important for success. From baking to business, the entire [...]

White House chef takes “unique” policymaking role

Sam Kass worked as the Obamas’ personal chef in Chicago for two years before becoming assistant White House chef and food initiative coordinator. In addition to cooking most of the first family’s meals, Kass attends semimonthly meetings to help plan childhood food policies alongside senior aides. Former White House chef Walter Scheib calls [...]

To Cut Calories, Chefs Would Rather Cut Portions than Adjust Recipes

This USA Today article shares insight from a recently released survey of 433 experienced chefs about the impact of restaurant dining on calorie intake. After research has shown that people who frequently dine out are more obese than their home-dining counterparts, this survey attempts to learn what chefs see as their role in [...]