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Restaurants upgrade coffee offerings as consumer tastes mature

Coffee is America’s favorite hot beverage, and it’s getting hotter, with new consumers starting to drink it at a younger age and restaurants upgrading their coffee offerings. Learn more in this article from Nation’s Restaurant News, written by Bret Thorn.

Coffee by the numbers

According to a study conducted last year by menu [...]

Coffee at the tipping point

Just as this generation of coffee shops has made “venti” and “Frappuccino” part of the American vernacular, the newest foodservice coffee concepts are putting terms like “tasting notes” and “cold-brewed” on the radar.

Consumers’ growing interest in artisan craftsmanship has taken hold in the coffee category, as high-end independents lead a migration [...]

Coffee-pairing dinners can wake up profits

Wine-pairing dinners can be a great way to create restaurant buzz, but the cost of wine can make it hard to really profit from one of these special events. That’s why some restaurateurs have created coffee-pairing taste journeys instead. Various coffees not only accompany the dishes, but they are an ingredient in some [...]