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Foodservice: The Impenetrable Dinosaur

By Steven Kent, President, ┬ MenuMax

Has that much changed since Henry Heinz sold horseradish and pickles in Pittsburg? Think about it, the warehouses are bigger, the trucks faster, freezers colder, and the speed to market is overnight. But have there been fundamental changes in how foodservice goods are sold into [...]

Do suppliers overlook independent restaurants?

According to one restaurateur/blogger, small independent restaurants often get the brush-off from suppliers, who would rather focus their efforts on the bigger contracts. He recounts the story of negotiating with a vendor to take his $700,000 contract, only to give up for lack of a timely┬ response.

Independent restaurant owners, can you relate [...]

Local food distributors a growing niche

An entrepreneur was born when Eric Hahn asked himself a simple question:┬ “Why isn’t more of the food eaten in Michigan grown in Michigan?” The local foodservice distribution industry joins┬ restaurants and farms in the locavore movement to keep food close to its source. Read the entire┬ article┬ from the Detroit Free Press [...]

Food Service Distributor Prime Agreement Negotiation Considerations

From Food Buyers Network:

When it comes to food and beverage procurement strategy, it is highly recommended that a restaurant, hotel or food service operation consider establishing a distributor prime agreement to manage their food service distribution costs.┬ The typical distributor prime agreement will require eighty percent of purchases to be made from [...]