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Restaurants could see strong year in 2015

Learn why experts are predicting a strong 2015 in this article from the Nation’s Restaurant News, written by Jonathan Maze. Lower gas and commodity prices, coupled with high valuations and low debt costs, have generated some optimism for the restaurant industry heading into 2015.

That is the early takeaway from the Restaurant Finance [...]

Keeping Food Costs Low in the Face of Extreme Conditions

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

The last few months have delivered tremendous weather across the world. Dubbed “Stormageddon” by media channels, the recent rash of extreme weather should have those in the foodservice industry keeping a close eye on food costs. According to newly released United Nations data, world food prices [...]

Foodservice Dynamics Adapt to Today’s Economy and Consumer Demands

Arthur Burkhart, VP Business Development MenuMax™

When an operator opens his doors each day he knows that a new world order is at play in the foodservice and hospitality industry. Patrons who typically purchased two bottles of wine at dinner now purchase only one. Once, their fare of choice was lobster, now [...]

Health and Budget Concerns to Drive Food Trends in 2011

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

As we are all aware, consumers are becoming more selective on how they spend their hard earned dollars. A recent article published at Restaurant News Resource gives insight on what consumers are looking for when choosing where to spend their money. According to Don Montuori, publisher at [...]

Restaurants trade food for services

Struggling to pay the bills each month, some restaurant operators have reverted to the barter system to keep afloat. Well, not exactly. In trade exchanges, restaurants enter into a round-robin exchange wherein many businesses trade services for “credits,” which can then be used to pay for other services.

Read how trade [...]

2009-2010 Restaurant Outlook Paints A Grim Picture

Despite our previous post, which said diners planned to spend more when eating out, the latest economic forecast from Technomic suggests restaurants should not expect recovery within the next year. The report predicts the full-service segment should lose profits, while the quick-service segment should expect profits to stay flat.

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Restaurant Industry Outlook Improved in July, NRA Says

The National Restaurant Association reports that the industry shows signs of improvement, giving weary operators a little hope in what has been a sluggish 21 months. The NRA Industry Tracking Survey is administered monthly and consists of two parts: the Current Situations Index and the Expectations Index.

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Economy-Proof Your Restaurant’s Special Offers

When the economy took a downturn, you began offering incentives to get more people through the door of your restaurant. Or maybe you’re a patron who has taken advantage of one of these offers, such as TGIFriday’s $5 off a friend’s meal or Maggiano’s Little Italy’s buy one-get one pasta dishes.

A recent [...]

Economy Puts a Dent in Restaurants’ Summer Hires

This article from My Foodservice News examines summer restaurant jobs up close. How many jobs are there to go around, and who has been lucky enough to get one? Click here to see the story.

Banking on Brew

“As the companies that we once believed to be bedrocks of the American economy go into bankruptcy, there’s an industry that’s actually seeing continued growth in this economy: beer. Since the recession hit, Americans are drinking more of it.”

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