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Are Smartphones Ruining the Restaurant Experience?

Your smartphone is the scourge of restaurants. Customers snapping photos of food and dawdling on Facebook at meals have slowed down table service by an hour over the last 10 years, as anĀ anonymous post on Craigslistā€™s ā€œrants & ravesā€ section recently alleged. The writer claimed that his restaurant, located in Manhattanā€™s Midtown [...]

Facebook Partners with Constant Contact to Include Restaurant Menus on Pages

Last month, Facebook and Constant Contact announced that restaurants can now upload menus through SinglePlatform from Constant Contact to Facebook pages. SinglePlatform helps businesses showcase their most important information everywhere local consumers are making decisions online.

As a result, Facebook users can both find and ā€œlikeā€ a restaurant, in addition to view its [...]

Top 10 most recommended casual restaurant chains of 2009

The Recommendation Index is a new study of restaurant popularity that takes social media mentionsĀ into account. The study, developed by marketing firms Zocalo Group and MARC Research, examines blogs, message boards andĀ social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Read the Nation’s Restaurant News article for the 10 restaurants with the best [...]

Simple Facebook Strategy to Market Your Restaurant

More and more restaurants are beginning to discover the power of social media and realizing the potential that lies within. With that being said, not many restaurants actually have a social media strategy beyond just adding ā€˜friendsā€™ and spamming them with updates that most of them donā€™t find too interesting. In this post I will disclose the strategy that helped make one of the top social networks in the world a sensation in Asia, leading it to acquire over 30 million active users, and how you can apply the same strategy at your restaurant to help build brand loyalty to your establishment. [...]

Social Media Tips for Restaurateurs

What kind of presence does your restaurant have in cyberspace? Do you have an employee designated to maintaining a Facebook page or Twitter account?

Online social media offers an interactive and ever-evolving channel for directly reaching customers. Which sites are the most popular? How much effort should you put into social media marketing, [...]