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Making Brunch Profitable

Are you looking to break into the breakfast daypart? In this article from Full-Service Restaurant Magazine, written by Marlee Murphy, you can learn more about how to make the “brunch” hours more profitable for your restaurant. While breakfast has become a lucrative daypart at many fast-food concepts and is, of course, a mainstay [...]

Powerful Tools to Manage Your Restaurant

MenuMax offers a comprehensive solution for food service professionals enabling the organization and optimization of recipe managment, food cost, nutrition analysis and inventory managment. However, many users overlook the many report functions MenuMax offers.

Included in a MenuMax subscription is a simple-to-use worksheet that helps create budgets and income statements for your operation. [...]

MenuMax Partners with Essential Cloud

MenuMax is excited to announce its latest partnership with Essential Cloud! Essential Cloud offers restaurant owners a selection of proven apps, cloud technologies, and managed services designed specifically for the food service industry and targeted to attract and retain customers and improve customer experience and efficiency.

MenuMax is being offered in the bundle [...]

Minimum Wage Hike Could Impact Food Industry

Managing a restaurant comes with many challenges. In addition to managing daily operations, food service professionals are faced with difficulties surrounding new legislation regarding health care, nutrition labeling and now a potential increase in minimum wage rates.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif) along with a restaurant owner and two [...]

10 Ways to Control Food Cost

Food cost remains one of the most costly components of restaurant management. Implement our list of the top ten basic tips on controlling food cost.

1) Price Menu Items Accordingly

It is essential to the success of your restaurant to have properly priced menu items. Prices that are too high dissuade customers, while [...]

Food Cost on the Rise for 2013

Food cost is on the rise with prices of popular holiday staple items pushing even higher as the Christmas holiday approaches. Last summer’s historic droughts, which wreaked havoc on crops nationwide and pushed corn and soybean prices upward, appear to finally be showing up in food prices. [...]

The Importance of Food Costing

With food costs and inflation climbing and customers spending less, restaurant operators must routinely check their menus to ensure they are profitable. One of the greatest weapons against profit loss is to know your food costs.

What is Food Cost?

Food cost determines a restaurant’s profitability. It is what a plate is being [...]

Energy Inefficiency: A Financial Black Hole

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

The current economic environment in the U.S. is full of financial black holes. The rising cost of commodities like corn, wheat, and oil puts pressure on the food industry and in turn tightens the belt of many restaurant operators.

One area that can be a major [...]

Generating Business on a Slow Day

By Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

With the cost of fresh produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers soaring, many restaurants are feeling the pinch, and beginning to make cutbacks on the amount of produce they order. However, it is important to keep in mind the desires of consumers. Trend reports repeatedly remind [...]

School Cafeterias on the Frontline

By Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

In a recent post we talked about the topic of restaurant nutrition coming under the national spotlight. This year has seen consumers become increasingly health conscious, and they are demanding detailed nutritional information when dining out. The same is true for schools.

In December 2010, the [...]

Keeping Food Costs Low in the Face of Extreme Conditions

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

The last few months have delivered tremendous weather across the world. Dubbed “Stormageddon” by media channels, the recent rash of extreme weather should have those in the foodservice industry keeping a close eye on food costs. According to newly released United Nations data, world food prices [...]

Strategic menu engineering for a profitable establishment

By: Mary Pennington, Communications Manager, MenuMax

When it comes to food costing, it all boils down to strategic menu engineering. Though I’m sure every chef hopes for all of his or her recipes to be loved and vastly popular among every patron that walks through the door, the reality is that some menu [...]