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Know Your Food Costs

Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

In a recent article on a MillerPulse survey, which tracks operator sales and sentiment, showed “an increase in guest traffic for all segments and dayparts in April, but hinted at reduced consumer spending as more value-focused purchases led to an average check decline.” With food costs [...]

2011 Number One Resolution: Update Your Menu

2011 Number One Resolution: Update Your Menu By Tamara Catron-Vice President Uniguest

So 2010 has closed its doors and as a restaurant owner or manager you breathe a sigh of relief to have made it through 2010, the holiday season, and you look forward to starting the New Year. You think about what [...]

Best Practices for Restaurant Inventory Management

We like this article from the Food Buyer’s Network because it gives straightforward advice on managing restaurant inventory. Following these tips will help maintain reliable cost control figures, all with the ultimate goal of boosting your profits and reducing waste.

The article covers the following topics:

1) Counting Consistently 2) Non-Operating-Time Counts 3) [...]

Food Service Distributor Prime Agreement Negotiation Considerations

From Food Buyers Network:

When it comes to food and beverage procurement strategy, it is highly recommended that a restaurant, hotel or food service operation consider establishing a distributor prime agreement to manage their food service distribution costs. The typical distributor prime agreement will require eighty percent of purchases to be made from [...]