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Toast is a flavor: Incredible food trends in 2015

Toast is popping up all over. It’s one of the hot new tastes of 2015, along with seaweed and chocolate dark enough to resemble a black hole. In this article from USA Today written by Elizabeth Weise, learn what new trends of 2015 are making headlines.

All were on display at this year’s [...]

Harvest season yields fruitful fall menus

Although most of us had never heard of a polar vortex, last winter proved they’re real. And restaurants around the country are still feeling the effects, in this article from by Jason Q. Freed, learn how this year’s harvest season helps yield fruitful fall menu items.

An extended cold wave this past [...]

Vegetarianism a rising trend on menus

In this article from Restaurant Business Online, learn more about the trend of vegetarianism and how you can implement ideal choices into your menu. Customers who seek a meatless dish for reasons of health, ethics or just because it sounds yummy on the menu, are very important people in restaurants today.

Interest [...]

Food preferences of vegans and vegetarians

In this article from Restaurant Business Online, learn more about the food preferences of vegans and vegetarians and how to offer popular menu choices for these guests.

Vegetarian cuisine is moving mainstream – there’s no denying that Meatless Mondays were only the beginning. Going one step further to a vegan diet – no [...]

9 Food & Beverage Trends for Spring

What new foods and beverages will your competition be focusing on this spring? And, more importantly, what will your customers be expecting? You can’t see into the future, but you can still get an idea of what trends will be this spring. Learn about the hottest food and beverage trends for this spring [...]

Top 5 Food Trends for 2013

Restaurant management entails being ahead of the curve for upcoming trends and making efforts to capitalize on them. Three major factors will rule for 2013 including high commodity costs, consumers’ growing sense of culinary adventure and the ingenuity of chefs and restaurateurs. Check out this compilation of the top 10 trends of the year. [...]

Staying Ahead of the Trend: Why Restaurants Should Increase their Seafood Selection

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

Thanks to a national push for increased nutrition education, consumers are beginning to make more educated meal choices. In January, the USDA released the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In this, they outlined the federal governments nutritional guidance to promote health, reduce the risk of chronic [...]

School Cafeterias on the Frontline

By Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

In a recent post we talked about the topic of restaurant nutrition coming under the national spotlight. This year has seen consumers become increasingly health conscious, and they are demanding detailed nutritional information when dining out. The same is true for schools.

In December 2010, the [...]

Food Channel top food items and trends of the decade

After brainstorming, the editors at Food Channel came up with the most popular food items and food ideas of the past decade. They invite you to comment on the list. Did they leave something off? Do you disagree with any of their choices?

Read their blog post here.


Top Eating Behaviors Expected to Grow During the Next Decade



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