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Can healthy menus be profitable?

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Fighting obesity is not an individual fight. Yes, each person ultimately makes their own call, but when we are surrounded by fast food establishments and bombarded with cheap junk food, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose what’s right.

The other day I read an interview with Hank [...]

Give your menu a makeover with these easy tips

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Spelt risotto or buckwheat pasta, anyone?

According to the recent research results conducted by the NPD group, more and more consumers are looking for quality of ingredients as well as flavorful, and nutritionally rich menu options.

With the economy putting a damper on the foodservice industry, especially on [...]

Foodservice Dynamics Adapt to Today’s Economy and Consumer Demands

Arthur Burkhart, VP Business Development MenuMax™

When an operator opens his doors each day he knows that a new world order is at play in the foodservice and hospitality industry. Patrons who typically purchased two bottles of wine at dinner now purchase only one. Once, their fare of choice was lobster, now [...]

Health and Budget Concerns to Drive Food Trends in 2011

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

As we are all aware, consumers are becoming more selective on how they spend their hard earned dollars. A recent article published at Restaurant News Resource gives insight on what consumers are looking for when choosing where to spend their money. According to Don Montuori, publisher at [...]

Foodservice: The Impenetrable Dinosaur

By Steven Kent, President, MenuMax

Has that much changed since Henry Heinz sold horseradish and pickles in Pittsburg? Think about it, the warehouses are bigger, the trucks faster, freezers colder, and the speed to market is overnight. But have there been fundamental changes in how foodservice goods are sold into [...]

Outside Looking In…

Truth & transparency in the foodservice industry [...]

Voluntary sodium reduction: easier said than done? This may not be the case.

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist, MenuMax

Voluntary sodium reduction has been front and center in the news over the past few months. As the debate continues to unfold, we have moved beyond whether or not sodium reduction is a good idea to the practical consideration of how to do it.

Because food manufacturers [...]

Lack of collaboration blamed for non-sustainable foodservice distribution

The foodservice industry is not operating sustainably, according to a study titled “Chain Reactions,” based on interviews with 40 restaurant chains and 40 food manufacturers. Of those interviewed, 41 percent said most foodservice companies do not take sustainability seriously.

What did they blame? The top three barriers to sustainability cited in the survey [...]

Understanding total cost of ownership of restaurant equipment

We found a great article from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine that outlines how restaurant operators calculate the total cost of owning their equipment packages and how they can make necessary adjustments. The article deeply analyzes the day-to-day operations of three successful restaurant chains. It also gives links to valuable resources for helping [...]

Farm-to-school programs keep growing and growing

The local food movement has deep roots in public schools, and more districts express interest every day. This article from The Packer examines how programs that keep produce local benefit schools, local farmers, and schoolchildren.

Local food distributors a growing niche

An entrepreneur was born when Eric Hahn asked himself a simple question: “Why isn’t more of the food eaten in Michigan grown in Michigan?” The local foodservice distribution industry joins restaurants and farms in the locavore movement to keep food close to its source. Read the entire article from the Detroit Free Press [...]

Going green behind the scenes in foodservice

We have all heard a lot of buzz about green foodservice operations lately. Kitchen-related ideas range from food recycling to grease-powered generators. This blog post from Restaurants and Institutions focuses on the restaurant’s business office. These great tips can be applied to any office environment.

Fourth-graders Challenge Foodservers to be Environmentally Conscious

MENASHA — Fourth-graders in the School’s Out summer school program have challenged the Menasha Joint School District’s food service provider to eliminate the use of plastic foam plates for environmental reasons. [...]