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How Promoting Free Wi-Fi Helps Restaurants

BY RMAGAZINE for RMagazine Restaurants are always trying to find new ways to increase customers, as well as gain their loyalty. Many restaurants have used the idea of giveaways as a promotional method to gain new customers. Giving stuff away for free you will attract the opportunists, but how long can you run [...]

Marketing Ideas for June

Restaurant owners and operators will find many opportunities for marketing during June. In this great article from, learn about how you can market your restaurant. Father’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for most restaurants, but your promotional activities don’t have to end there. As June is [...]

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and the prime time for retailers to turn a profit. With 152 million shoppers expected to hit retail stores this upcoming weekend, restaurants can also cash in with Black Friday discounts. Are you and your staff ready to handle the hungry shopping crowds? [...]

Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Tactics for the Holidays

As the Holidays swiftly approach, restaurant managers need to take important steps to capitalize on the festivities of the season.

1. Send holiday greetings. Whether it is a real card in the mail or an e-card via email, a simple card is a good way to remind customers about your restaurant. The card [...]

How to Focus Your Restaurant Brand Away from Value

Distracting customers from great deals is a good thing? Yes, brand consultants say. To help a restaurant thrive in the post-recession economy, they say to focus on long-term brand strategy over short-term promotions. Part of that strategy is to play up social consciousness, product selection and innovation, and customer service above price points. [...]

Simple Facebook Strategy to Market Your Restaurant

More and more restaurants are beginning to discover the power of social media and realizing the potential that lies within. With that being said, not many restaurants actually have a social media strategy beyond just adding ‘friends’ and spamming them with updates that most of them don’t find too interesting. In this post I will disclose the strategy that helped make one of the top social networks in the world a sensation in Asia, leading it to acquire over 30 million active users, and how you can apply the same strategy at your restaurant to help build brand loyalty to your establishment. [...]