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Adding flavor and substance to your vegetable-based dishes

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Although vegetable-based dishes are becoming more popular, there is still plenty of work to be done before they earn the well-deserved respect and become a common occurrence on the menu.

In my conversations with a number of chefs about creating more vegetable-based dishes on the menu, two big [...]

Schnitzel, Calories and Real Food: What's on Your Menu?

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

If there were an underlying theme at the Nutrition & Health Conference this week, it most definitely was: ‘To stay healthy, choose to eat real food’.

The more we delve into the topic of healthy eating, the more it appears to shift from counting calories and fat [...]

Here is another great reason to get more plant-based ingredients into your menu

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Everybody is talking about fiber. It is a hot selling nutrient, and even the makers of Fruit Loops have recently decided to put some into their magic cereal recipe. But what if I told you that even though labels may point to the presence of fiber in a [...]

How to get kids excited about their healthy menu choices

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Everyone knows that kids and broccoli don’t go together. But the task still remains: we have to find ways to get kids excited about more nutritious and more balanced food.

So if replacing french fries with baby carrots doesn’t always do the trick, what other options do we [...]

Add these spring veggies to your seasonal menu!

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Spring is a beautiful season. It brings awakening, new life, freshness, and a wonderful variety of delicious veggies!

Here are some ideas on how some of the common favorites can be incorporated into a menu:

Artichokes: baby artichokes can be eaten raw with just a [...]

6 Things you need to know when putting together a gluten-free menu

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Gluten-free menus may be yesterday’s news, but there is still much confusion going on about how to do it 100% accident-free.

If you are thinking about adding a few gluten-free items to the menu, here are a few important things to remember.

1. Gluten-free kitchen space. [...]

Is Your Menu Trustworthy?

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Guy Kawasaki recently came out with his new book, Enchantment. I got a chance to catch a great interview with him this week hosted by Brian Solis and get a glimpse of what the book was about.

According to Guy, there are three things a business must be [...]

Incorporating Probiotic-Rich Foods Into Your Menu

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Growing up in Russia, I remember having a lot of fermented dairy products as part of our daily diet. A glass of kefir or ryazhenka for breakfast, sour cream (the real kind) with just about everything, yogurt in desserts – we were pretty much saturated with this stuff! [...]

Give your menu a makeover with these easy tips

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Spelt risotto or buckwheat pasta, anyone?

According to the recent research results conducted by the NPD group, more and more consumers are looking for quality of ingredients as well as flavorful, and nutritionally rich menu options.

With the economy putting a damper on the foodservice industry, especially on [...]

Where do colors on your menu come from?

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

March has been announced National Nutrition Month by the American Dietetic Association inspiring us to Eat Right with Color. Color is something we all enjoy, so here are some ideas if you are considering incorporating the marketing elements of this initiative into your foodservice operation.

Think beyond fruits [...]

Create a healthy menu without counting the calories!

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Many restaurants are still quite skeptical about offering healthy options. And that’s understandable: changing menus and counting calories can be time consuming and onerous tasks. But if you are already investing in good quality, wholesome ingredients why not simply focus on those specifically? You can do so by [...]

How to Make the Latest Nutritional Research Work For You

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

This week the USDA released a report showing that the cholesterol count in today’s eggs is 14% lower, and the Vitamin D content is 64% higher compared to test results from 2002. This is undoubtedly a great piece of news for some consumers. For operators who display nutritional [...]

The USDA Dietary Guidelines and Your Menu: Meeting Customers Half Way

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Earlier this week the USDA released the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The summed up recommendations are as follows:

Balance calories by controlling portion sizes; Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables (half a plate) and switch to fat-free or low-fat (2%) milk; Reduce consumption of sodium and sugary [...]

Is fresh produce driving your inventory costs up? Here are a few suggestions.

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Meeting consumer demand for healthier menu options often means expanding your produce inventory. And we all know how expensive it can be, especially when we are talking ‘organic’ and ‘out of season’.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can draw the most value out of your [...]

MenuMax 4.1 Brings Next Generation Food Costing and Nutrition to Food Service Operators

Web-based food service management suite offers unique benefits.

WOODSIDE, Calif. – January 18, 2011 – MenuMax, the food industry’s most versatile and accurate back of house management solution for food service operators, today announced the introduction of the new MenuMax 4.1 suite. Features include an array of distributor partner guides, enhanced menus and [...]