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What to do when your 1000-calorie burger meets the new menu labeling law

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Being held responsible for your customers’ diets is probably not something a chef or an operator is looking forward to. Understandable.

But since the menu labeling law is just around the corner, you are going to need an easy-to-implement, reliable solution. Let’s face it: some of your [...]

Looking to cut costs and stay on top of the ‘healthy dining’ trend? This post is for you.

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

Does your restaurant want to cut costs? Consider reducing your protein inventory.

Just the other day I came across The Hotel News Resource article that lists some of the practical ways to cut costs for your restaurant in 2011. At the top of the list: cutting stock levels [...]

The FDA menu labeling regulations: tips to get you ready

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

New Year brings new resolutions, and it is a perfect time to prepare for what lies ahead in 2011.

If you are an operator, you are aware of the new FDA menu labeling law due to be finalized possibly as early as March. Whether you are a [...]