Schnitzel, Calories and Real Food: What's on Your Menu?

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

If there were an underlying theme at the Nutrition & Health Conference this week, it most definitely was: ‘To stay healthy, choose to eat real food’.

The more we delve into the topic of healthy eating, the more it appears to shift from counting calories and fat [...]

2011 Number One Resolution: Update Your Menu

2011 Number One Resolution: Update Your Menu By Tamara Catron-Vice President Uniguest

So 2010 has closed its doors and as a restaurant owner or manager you breathe a sigh of relief to have made it through 2010, the holiday season, and you look forward to starting the New Year. You think about what [...]

Restaurants Lure Families with Healthier Kids’ Menus, Free Meals

This Wall Street Journal article examines the trend of restaurants trying to attract more families. The family has been a largely untapped revenue source for some restaurants that previously didn’t even have a kids’ menu. But now, more upscale-casual establishments, like P. F. Chang’s, are gearing menus toward the youngest family members. Parents [...]