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Out to Lunch

By: Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

According to the results of the Foodservice Director’s 2011 Portability Study,“ 79% of respondents said they offer portable menu items, compared with 73% last year”. With more than 35% of workers still purchasing at least two of their work week lunches from restaurants and other foodservice [...]

Small Plates Make Big Profits

There has been a lot of talk in the food industry about the snacking trend as well as the popularity of small plates. This trend, which started as a way to introduce new dishes to restaurant menus without the fear of loosing profits on an unpopular dish, has grown into a major moneymaker.


Preparing for the Millenial Generation

In the coming years Millenials (those between the ages of 18-29, sometimes referred to as Generation Y) will overtake the baby boomers as the most sought after target audience for restaurants, this according to a recent Nation’s Restaurant News article.

According to the report, this generation will continue to become more diverse because [...]