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What are common green practices at restaurants?

A substantial number of operators are practicing sustainability, new National Restaurant Association research shows. According to the NRA’s new survey, restaurants are interested in implementing environmental practices into their plans.

Conducted earlier this year among 1,000 fullservice and quickservice operators, the survey found that nearly three quarters of operators recycled used fryer oil, [...]

For restaurants, the high cost of doing business is food

The rising costs of coffee and protein-based foods, including bacon, eggs, ham and beef, are creating concern among industry experts and chains specializing in the breakfast day part who say the prices, historically, are higher than ever before, reports a recent news article from the National Restaurant Association.

Food cost pressures are building, [...]

3 tips to choose the right energy-efficient equipment for you

In this article from the National Restaurant Association, learn how to save money in the long run by investing in energy-efficient appliances and equipment. While they might cost more at the start, they can help you achieve your sustainability goals, says Richard Young, education director, Food Service Technology Center.

“Efficiency is saving you [...]

Take the worry out of weekly food inventories

Most independent restaurants calculate their food cost only once a month, but virtually all of the major chains calculate theirs each week.

According to industry averages, chain restaurants ‑ before corporate expenses ‑ are two to three times as profitable as independent restaurants. While weekly food costing isn’t the entire reason for that [...]

Recognizing TCS Foods

When working to prevent foodborne illness, it’s important to recognize that some food items are more likely than others to become unsafe. Learn more about how to recognize these potential dangers in this great article from the National Restaurant Assocaition.

TCS food is food that requires time-temperature control to prevent the growth of [...]

Turn your restaurant into a tourist destination

In this article from the National Restaurant Association, learn how to attract tourists this summer with these helpful tips. Â Travelers spend more than $200 billion annually on food service in the United States, according to the U.S. Travel Association. On average, tourism accounted for nearly a third of fine-dining sales and almost [...]

6 Ideas for Bars and Restaurants to Cash in Big this Father’s Day

As Father’s Day 2014 swiftly approaches, this article from provides some useful tips and promotion ideas for restaurant managers to make the most of the upcoming holiday.

National Restaurant Association (NRA) projects that 50 million Americans will dine out on Father’s Day this year (Sun. June 15). It’s also ranked as the [...]

2014 Consumer Trends

Learn what consumers look for in a restaurant from this helpful video from the National Restaurant Association.

8 Promotion Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Profitable

In this article from, learn about some of the best ways to make this Mother’s Day profitable for your restaurant.

Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year with more than one quarter of American adults anticipated to celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out, according to the National [...]

Don’t fall victim to restaurant profitability myths

In this great article from the National Restaurant Association, learn about these major profitability myths and how to avoid them.

Myth: Buying larger quantities to get volume discounts saves money. Answer: Not after accounting for the extra waste, theft, spoilage, larger portion sizes and overall carelessness that results when more products are purchased [...]

Pouring Profits: Millennials & Adult Beverages

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, the topic of adult beverages is at the forefront of the minds of foodservice professionals. In this article from the National Restaurant Association, Donna Hood Crecca, Senior Director at Technomic, Inc. explains how quenching the Millennial generations’ thirst for adult beverages can build traffic, sales and loyalty for your restaurant. [...]

Technology on the Menu

In a recent article from Nation’s Restaurant News, National Restaurant Association consumer research reports that over half of U.S. adults (63%) have used restaurant-related technologies. When asked what they’d done in the past month, those surveyed were most likely to have looked for a restaurant location and directions on a mobile device and [...]

September=National Food Safety Education Month

September is National Food Safety Education month. Though safe food practices should be top of mind for restaurant operators every day of the year, this month long campaign is meant to encourage operators to “demonstrate their dedication to food safety”.

This years campaign is titled, “Lessons Learned from the Health Inspection”, and is [...]

Staying on Trend

How do restaurateurs stay on top of industry trends? Much of their knowledge comes from their daily lives. Being immersed in the industry allows you to experience the daily ins and outs of the restaurant business and by default, pick up on trends. That’s not to say that those in the restaurant business [...]

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