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The 'Dirty Dozen': how to position your produce, cut costs, and create more value

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist,

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has recently released the 2011 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, designed to inform consumers on total pesticide loads found in conventionally grown produce. Many have come to know the list as the ‘Dirty Dozen’.

Here is a quick re-cap:

This year [...]

Generating Business on a Slow Day

By Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

With the cost of fresh produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers soaring, many restaurants are feeling the pinch, and beginning to make cutbacks on the amount of produce they order. However, it is important to keep in mind the desires of consumers. Trend reports repeatedly remind [...]

Keeping your veggies local and seasonal during the winter

By Katya Baxter, Nutritionist, MenuMax

Good things are easy to get used to. And not only that, once we do, we quickly start taking them for granted. I would be the first one to admit that after moving from Canada to California, the sun as well as access to fresh local produce year-round [...]

State of the food & beverage industry

Today, we bring you an in-depth report from that reflects on the year behind and predicts what is to come in the year ahead. With nine categories of analysis, you are sure to find some information relevant to your sector of the industry.

The categories are:

Bakery/Bread Beverages Breakfasts/Cereals Confectionery Dairy Frozen [...]

Shades of gray emerge in restaurants’ claims of ‘sustainability’

Buzz words like green and sustainable attract customers to restaurants, but fuzzy definitions make for some confusing wiggle room. A recent Washington Post article examines claims made by a Washington, D.C., restaurant and reveals some menu items are not as environmentally friendly as they seem. This case study of sorts reveals the challenges [...]