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Foodservice: The Impenetrable Dinosaur

By Steven Kent, President, ¬ MenuMax

Has that much changed since Henry Heinz sold horseradish and pickles in Pittsburg? Think about it, the warehouses are bigger, the trucks faster, freezers colder, and the speed to market is overnight. But have there been fundamental changes in how foodservice goods are sold into [...]

Keeping Costs In Line: Tips and Strategies

Menu teams for several national chain restaurants share how they have increased profit margins during these tough economic times. Read the article from Restaurants and Institutions here.

Profit Mega-Margins: New York’s Highest Grossing Dishes

New York Magazine estimates (with some professional help) the costs of and profits¬ made by¬ the top 10 highest grossing entrees in New York City. You won’t believe what one restaurant is making on its maccaroni and cheese! To read the rest of this story, click here.