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Last Minute Easter Ideas for Restaurants

One of the busiest weekends for restaurants is rapidly approaching ‚Äď are you prepared? In this article from The Central Blog, written by Emily Rollins, learn about how you can make the most of Easter this year.

Easter brunch is an extremely popular option for families not wanting to cook a meal [...]

Top Factors Influencing Diners’ Restaurant Choice

A ¬ recent survey of 500 consumers revealed the most important factors that made them try a restaurant for the first time. You already¬ know how to keep them coming back for more.


Promotion/discounted price: 87% Recommendation from a family member: 87% Recommendation from [...]

Economy-Proof Your Restaurant’s Special Offers

When the economy took a downturn, you began offering incentives to get more people through the door of your restaurant. Or maybe you’re a patron who has taken advantage of one of these offers, such as TGIFriday’s $5 off a friend’s meal or Maggiano’s Little Italy’s¬ buy one-get one¬ pasta dishes.

A recent [...]

Top Promotions that Made Patrons Dine Out In the Past 3 Months

A¬ June 2009 survey of 500 consumers showed the following restaurant¬ promotions most influenced their decisions to dine¬ out at least once in the past three months:

Buy one entree, get one free: 53% Value menu/dollar menu at¬ limited-service restaurants:¬ 49% Menus that promote a specific price point (like $5 sandwiches): 45% Combo [...]