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7 steps to successful cardboard recycling

Many restaurant owners want to recycle but don’t know how or where to begin. Follow these 7 steps from the National Restaurant Association to get started.

Starting with a big, complex recycling program can be difficult for a several reasons:

Different cities and counties take different materials. Training staff can be time consuming. [...]

Going green behind the scenes in foodservice

We have all heard a lot of buzz about green foodservice operations lately. Kitchen-related ideas range from food recycling to grease-powered generators. This blog post from Restaurants and Institutions focuses on the restaurant’s business office. These great tips can be applied to any office environment.

Food recycling mandated in San Francisco. How can you reduce food waste?

With an eye toward the ambitious goal of zero waste by the year 2020, the city of San Francisco has enacted an unprecedented food-recycling mandate. Restaurants, businesses and residents are required to separate food waste from other trash. The special food bins are picked up by city workers, who then compost the waste.The [...]