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TMI? Not on these nutrition-focused menu boards!

One of the arguments restaurant operators make against labeling menus with nutrition information is that there’s simply not enough space. Diners are already overwhelmed with the meal offerings, so calorie contents, salt contents, fat contents, etc., would clutter up an already confusing landscape. And confusion is the last thing that a hospitable restaurant [...]

Restaurants Offer Cooking Classes, Score Loyal Customers/Students

One tactic many restaurants have taken to boost revenue and create customer loyalty is to offer cooking classes with their chefs. Some offer monthly courses, letting students take home whatever they have created during the class. Others’ cooking classes have eclipsed the popularity of the restaurants themselves. Just ask Chef Darin Sehnert, whose [...]

Menu Trend Watch: Steps toward Lowering Sodium

Greg Drescher, executive director of strategic initiatives at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, talked to David Farkas of the Chain Leader about a sodium-reduction project he and colleagues will likely reveal in February. Restaurants under pressure from consumer advocate groups should closely watch the team’s findings. New technology promises to reduce [...]

2009-2010 Restaurant Outlook Paints A Grim Picture

Despite our previous post, which said diners planned to spend more when eating out, the latest economic forecast from Technomic suggests restaurants should not expect recovery within the next year. The report predicts the full-service segment should lose profits, while the quick-service segment should expect profits to stay flat.

Read a detailed article [...]

Arizona Law to Allow Concealed Weapons in Bars, Unless Otherwise Posted

Starting Sept. 29, patrons of establishments that serve liquor will be able to carry concealed weapons–as long as they do not drink. Also, bars may choose to ban firearms if they conspicuously post a notice saying so. The controversial new law has pitted gun-rights advocates against bar owners who worry about being able [...]

Simple Facebook Strategy to Market Your Restaurant

More and more restaurants are beginning to discover the power of social media and realizing the potential that lies within. With that being said, not many restaurants actually have a social media strategy beyond just adding ‘friends’ and spamming them with updates that most of them don’t find too interesting. In this post I will disclose the strategy that helped make one of the top social networks in the world a sensation in Asia, leading it to acquire over 30 million active users, and how you can apply the same strategy at your restaurant to help build brand loyalty to your establishment. [...]

Using Salad to Your Restaurant’s Advantage

Despite the bad news in yesterday’s post (fewer people are ordering salads all of the time), the fact remains that, on the whole, people still order salads regularly. In fact, the same poll of 500 diners revealed that 77 percent said they ordered a salad at least sometimes. An additional 16 percent said [...]

Keeping Salad in Your Menu Mix: Keys to Creating Demand

Every restaurant has at least a basic side salad on the menu, and many realize the profitability of having salads as entrees. But did you know that diners report eating less salad today than they did two years ago? In fact, in a recent survey of 500 consumers, only 7 percent said they [...]

Top Factors Influencing Diners’ Restaurant Choice

A recent survey of 500 consumers revealed the most important factors that made them try a restaurant for the first time. You already know how to keep them coming back for more.


Promotion/discounted price: 87% Recommendation from a family member: 87% Recommendation from [...]

Social Media Tips for Restaurateurs

What kind of presence does your restaurant have in cyberspace? Do you have an employee designated to maintaining a Facebook page or Twitter account?

Online social media offers an interactive and ever-evolving channel for directly reaching customers. Which sites are the most popular? How much effort should you put into social media marketing, [...]