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4 Tips to Increase Sales on Fourth of July

To close or not to close: a question that many restaurant owners debate when it comes to the Fourth of July. If you’ve decided to stay open, you might as well do your best to try and get in some extra business during the holiday. After all, with a day devoted to [...]

Wall Posts, Comments, & Likes, Oh My! Fan interaction WILL boost sales.

By: Mary Pennington, Communications Manager, MenuMax

We all know and have read about the monumental benefits of social media; and how using these free resources will help our businesses grow larger, faster. Now the real test is how much time you are really willing to spend learning and establishing a social media presence. [...]

Guest Post: Independent restaurant marketing- 3 ways to compete with the big boys

By Greg McGuire

Big chain restaurants dominate the mass market when it comes to advertising – a fact of life that can sometimes make it difficult for smaller independent operations to be heard among all the songs about baby back ribs. Launching a restaurant marketing campaign for an independent means less money [...]