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9 ways to maximize menu profitability

Too often, restaurant menus have catchy descriptions, gorgeous photos and an attractive layout, but are missing a key ingredient: They aren’t driving profitability.

Certainly, you should have a visually appealing menu that matches your restaurant’s brand. But beyond doing that well, it’s important to use the menu to your advantage financially.

By using [...]

5 key metrics to running a profitable restaurant

Running a restaurant is no easy feat. We can only act on what we know, and too many operators don’t know what they don’t know. To keep costs down while getting the most out of every hour, meal and cover, you need to know what drives important deliverables like repeat purchases, faster turn [...]

How to hook top talent

View original article from National Restaurant Association.

Reel in good talent from the labor pool with these steps:

1. Identify what’s a “good catch.” Start by determining what skills and traits are essential. If your restaurant has a set of core values or a mission statement, use that to guide you. [...]

Technology Creates Operational Efficiency for the Foodservice Industry

By Nicole Reed Communications Manager MenuMax

In today’s recession bruised world the foodservice industry is making changes to improve daily business. In an article on, public relations pro Dana Zemack talks about how those in the restaurant industry are using technology to change their businesses. According to Zemack “restaurateurs, café owners, food [...]

Foodservice Dynamics Adapt to Today’s Economy and Consumer Demands

Arthur Burkhart, VP Business Development MenuMax™

When an operator opens his doors each day he knows that a new world order is at play in the foodservice and hospitality industry. Patrons who typically purchased two bottles of wine at dinner now purchase only one. Once, their fare of choice was lobster, now [...]

Foodservice: The Impenetrable Dinosaur

By Steven Kent, President, MenuMax

Has that much changed since Henry Heinz sold horseradish and pickles in Pittsburg? Think about it, the warehouses are bigger, the trucks faster, freezers colder, and the speed to market is overnight. But have there been fundamental changes in how foodservice goods are sold into [...]

If Only Your Kitchen Was More Efficient. Productive. Smart.

By: Mary Pennington, Communications Manager, MenuMax

What are the most common complaints about life that never change?

If only I had more time… If only I had more money… If only I could work with more reliable people… If only I could keep up with technology without breaking the bank… If only I [...]

Best Practices for Restaurant Inventory Storage

This article from the Food Buyers Network gives a how-to guide to using your restaurant storage methods to increase overall efficiency and profitability. The in-depth look at food storage includes the following topics:

1. Keeping storage areas clean

2. Putting products away immediately after receiving them

3. Following health and safety guidelines

4. [...]

30 Steps to Improve Restaurant Operations, From Nation’s Restaurant News

Jim Sullivan of the Nation’s Restaurant News gives 30 tips for making up ground lost in the first three quarters of the fiscal year. The home stretch is upon us, and these tips might just save your bottom line:

Read the entire article here.