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4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas

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Freedom also means that you can offer whatever you want. Open the door for great fun and extra profits with these 4th of July restaurant promotions ideas.

4th of July is a National Holiday when residents across the USA celebrate freedom and independence [...]

7 Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Promotion

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You don’t have to have a Mexican restaurant to want to capitalize on the fun of a Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It’s right around the corner so if you’d like to do a promotion, it’s time to start planning. Here are 7 things [...]

Last Minute Halloween Promotion Ideas to Drive Traffic

This article from written by Rebecca Pollack Scherr, reports that the National Restaurant Association predicts that 20% of Americans will order takeout or delivery from a restaurant on Halloween, and 16% will go out to celebrate at a bar or restaurant. NRA recently surveyed about 1,000 American adults about their plans for [...]

10 Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Fall

Fall is here, the kids are back at school, and the weather is crisp. Now what’s your Fall marketing plan?

Here are our top 10 ideas to pack your restaurant this Fall:

1. Football and other fall sports

It’s football season! Bring crowds to your place by sending out schedules announcing what games [...]

8 Promotion Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Profitable

In this article from, learn about some of the best ways to make this Mother’s Day profitable for your restaurant.

Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year with more than one quarter of American adults anticipated to celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out, according to the National [...]

Free Dinner Promotions Pay Off for Restaurants

It’s Monday evening at Uptown’s sister restaurants: the Italian flavored Villa-O and Trece Mexican Kitchen across the street. The way restaurateur Robert Colombo is packin’ ‘em in, you’d swear he was giving the food away. Well, he is. An entree and an appetizer. On Mondays. No cost. No end in sight. [...]