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School Cafeterias on the Frontline

By Nicole Reed, Communications Manager, MenuMax

In a recent post we talked about the topic of restaurant nutrition coming under the national spotlight. This year has seen consumers become increasingly health conscious, and they are demanding detailed nutritional information when dining out. The same is true for schools.

In December 2010, the [...]

Farm-to-school programs keep growing and growing

The local food movement has deep roots in public schools, and more districts express interest every day. This article¬ from The¬ Packer examines how programs that keep produce local benefit schools, local farmers, and schoolchildren.

Fourth-graders Challenge Foodservers to be Environmentally Conscious

MENASHA ‚ÄĒ Fourth-graders in the School’s Out summer school program have challenged the Menasha Joint School District’s food service provider to eliminate the use of plastic foam plates for environmental reasons. [...]