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2010 Flavor Trends Predicted

One year now, we could be looking back and thinking, “That was really the sweet potato’s year.” According to the taste analysts at Mintel research, sweet potatoes are on the short list of foods sure to make it big in 2010. If you are a fan of rose water, hibiscus, cardamom, cilantro or [...]

What diners look for in a beverage

Menu research from Restaurants and Institutions reveals what beverages diners want and which are falling out of favor. This informative article┬ gives insight relevant to all restaurant industry segments. For example, do you have green tea on the menu? This data suggests┬ you should.

2010 food and beverage trends predicted

High-profile restaurant creators Joseph Baum┬ and Michael Whiteman predict the trends we should expect to see in restaurants next year. They may lack┬ a crystal-ball, but these seasoned pros have the experience and insight to make some good guesses. Read this Hotels magazine article for their top twelve trends, plus a list of [...]